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The Outlaws - Ghost Riders in the Sky

My dad and I both love this song.
After All This Time - It Was A Funny Thing, Really... (1045 words) by darth_stitch
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The Hobbit (2012), The Hobbit - J. R. R. Tolkien, The Hobbit - All Media Types
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield
Characters: Thorin Oakenshield, Bilbo Baggins
Additional Tags: Fluff and Angst, Romance, Confessions, Thorin is a hopeless romantic, Wait Thorin is Hopeless Period, Bilbo isn't much better, If I'm going down on this Ship Imma Taking All of You With Me
Series: Part 4 of After All This Time

Thorin Oakenshield has a Lot of Explaining to Do.


The One Winged Angel

Once there was
Nothing but the
Eternal darkness of space then there
Was a spark of light
In the void and
New worlds were being created by the
Goddess’ will with it new life
Emerged on the once
Desolate landscapes of
All planets that were
Generating an all
Life force, then the
Shadow came
Encroachingly on the life filled
Planets to
Its fill of the once
Resplendent homes
The ancients who traveled from one
Home to the next. 
The Great Snarry Snowball Fight
Snowballs flying everywhere around me, my love beside me
Everyone else getting hit with them and now we are                              
Very wet from the snow and cold
Even with warming charms
Reality starts sink in not
Unlike the
Setting sun
Ah well, it was good while it lasted.
Now we head inside back to the
Dungeons of
Hogwarts to sit by 
A nice fire to
Relax, cuddle, and
Reveal our gifts to one another, for
You Severus I give you the peace of mind knowing I will be with you always and several rare potion ingredients.
To me you give an
Over all lovely
Gift of a ring that represents your
Eternal love and
Though you can be really snarky
Here and there, I’ll be with you forever and
Reality not withstanding
For if
Our lives end tomorrow, I will never
Release my love for you, I will follow you into the
Eternal sleep with my
Very heart and soul, if there
Ever was a time where this
Reality disappears
And a
New one takes its place, I will
Die if it keeps us
Apart, my
Love for you goes all the
Way in my heart
And if
You will keep my heart and love with you, I will be
So happy that I will sing ‘Baby, its Cold Outside’.

A kiss, a near miss
A song on a long winter’s night
A spell tells a story of love building
A romance kept secret by discretion’s stance
A castle hidden from the rest of the world’s sight
A glimmer of light shining under an office door
A scent of a potion brewing in the lab
A cloak left on a winged back chair

A couple cuddling by the fire
A kiss, A near miss
Serpents stepping
Lightly down a hall beyond the black lake while
You brew a pot of
Tea by the fire in the
Hearth in your quarters with your
Earthly possessions surrounding you in the
Rooms you have
Invited me to share with you on
New year’s eve
And you
Now need a
Deep cauldron for a
Great stew
Yet there is more
For thought
In the way you have a
Nervous tic whenever someone
Decides to sneak up
On you only to
Realize that was a bad
Idea, because you never
Should try to scare a hyper vigilante person
Let alone try to pull
One over on the
Very individual that defeated the darkest dark lord

Two patornuses
One a stag, the other a doe
Two wizards as different as night and day
One a Gryffindor, the other a Slytherin
Yet there is love in their hearts for one another
A song plays on the record play
As the notes of ‘Baby, it’s Cold Outside’ are hummed
The two souls dance
The shorter of the two in a dress
The elder of the two happy for the gift of the younger’s love
As their Patornuses dance around in the snow.


My Patronus

Writer's Block: Girl Scouts' Day

What is your favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor?

My favorite Girl Scout cookie flavor is a toss up between the Caramel Delights and lemonades.

Writer's Block: Million Dollar Smile

What is the most amount of money the tooth fairy has given you for a tooth?

The most is one dollar.
What is your Chinese zodiac animal?

Year of the Earth Dragon (1988.)